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Has facilitated over 350 management systems certificates in the saarc region.

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Praguna Management Consultants (pvt) Ltd is a leading institution in SAARC region which does proactive ethical management consultancy services.

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Praguna practices on business consultancy industry with supplying a good and reliable service to its clients. Visit to view several video testimonials which have been issued by Praguna clients to assure the professional role of our company.

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This program is about recognising the environment friendly role of the “Go Green’ concept in a modern workplace and creating an organisational culture and system supporting it, leading to a sustainable and responsible business enterprise.

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A comprehensive training on the essentials of Spoken and Written English and Presentation skills to develop your employee communication skills essential to succeed in a competitive business environment.


The prevalenceof Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and sustainability reporting is growing and has converged around the GRI framework.

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